IPC Birmingham Podcast

IPC Choir Mystery Theatre Season 1 Episode 4

November 25, 2020

The IPC Choir Mystery Theatre


Bud Keller, Writer

Jeff Johnson, Director and Sound Effects

Jeff McLelland, Musical Director

Brian Hagan, Sound Engineer and Special Effects




Richard Stump, Announcer

Bud Keller, Detective Les Intelligent

Nick Mathes, Detective Fred Knott


Sonny Williams, Two-fingers Louie              Jon Kassaw, Colin Mia Assisi

Jim Walker, Don O’Earlier                             Doc Feagin, Dennis the Threat

Steve Goyer                                                    Susan Clayton

Greg Roberson                                                Bill Horton

Leah Pickett                                                    George Taylor

Karen Shadinger                                              Terry Hamilton

Andrew Hicks

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